Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Sunday

We had a beautiful spring day in sunny Brisbane.

Did the usual Sunday morning market for fruit and vegetables. Then we decided to take a trip to the local tip shop for a nosy. Well things have certainly changed there I must say, not the good old tip shop that it use to be. It's become very expensive and they had hardly any stock. Oh well, better to keep the money in my pocket anyway.

After lunch I started on a backyard tidy up whilst Tony mowed the grass. Spring has sprung in our backyard, my mandarin tree is in full bloom again after its last crop of fruit.

This lovely shrub is bursting with flowers

The construction of my vegetable garden is moving very verrry slowly. Not to worry I'm making do with container gardening. I think I'll pot up some baskets and broccoli boxes with herbs and salad vegetables and then start some seeds off in the shade house. Hopefully Tony will feel bad and get his ass into gear!

A group of ladies on the Down to Earth forum are helping and inspiring each other with menu planning and I've decided to join in. This is an area that I really need to focus on. Usually I decide what to cook just before dinner or on the way home from work, not very organised I know.

Fingers crossed I'll stick to the plan, its got to be better than my current system!

Hope you have a lovely week


Rose said...

What a beautiful flower.

Wendy said...

I can imagine the sweet smell of orange blossom looking at the mandarin.. do they have the same lovely scent as orange blossom?

Lisa said...

Thanks Rose :)

Yes Wendy they have a lovely smell, the bees love them too. Imagine citrus blossom honey...yummo!