Friday, June 3, 2011

There's been fowl play in the veggie patch

Yes, you guessed right someone got into my vegetable garden and did a bit of their own landscaping. Sorry no photos as my camera decided to kark it. Just picture lots of mulch thrown all over the place, thankfully nothing was damaged.

I believe Miss Lulu to be the culprit. Of the three chooks we currently have, Lulu is the most adventurous and by far the funniest chicken I've ever owned. She walks around the chook yard with you, pecks at your shoes, rings and buttons, then runs after you when you go to leave. Very cute, plus she likes a cuddle too. talkin to me!

Mitzy....our second new chook, she's a bit of a nervous nelly

Margot....older and bossier

Does this photo make my bum look big?

Sadly our little Queenie died a couple of months backs. She had been sick and despite lots of love and care she eventually passed away. Damn wild birds that leave their diseases and parasites around the place!

We've only had these two new girls for three weeks. I wanted a heritage breed or ex-battery chooks but we came home with hybrids. Apparently we are going to add two more to the flock soon, maybe I'll get my way then.




Anonymous said...

They are so cute, it is hard to be at them.

Rose said...

There is nothing like your own girls who give you your own eggs.

Lisa said...

Hey Mel, yes it's hard to be angry at them (I think thats what you meant). Also Lulu is the only one laying at the moment, so she is treated like a queen.

I agree Rose, home grown eggs are the best!

Brendan @ Merewether Life said...

Great names for the girls - we can all forgive such productive personalities for some impromptu landscaping every now and then!

Sue said...

hmmm I've had some fowl play in my patch of late also.