Saturday, August 20, 2011


Is anybody still out there? I'd be surprised if there is!

Ooh I've been such a bad blogger for the past few months. Life just gets in the way sometimes and I've really not had the motivation or urge to post.

Now don't faint, but I have been sewing. Yes, even I'm impressed with my efforts to get back to my machine. A friend asked me to make a coat for a her dog. The poor little darling is getting old and has some major health problems at the moment, so some new pj's were in order.

I've also started doing some patchwork again. It's been years since I did any, so I'm a bit rusty with my straight seams etc. I'm making a table runner at the moment, actually it's a tester for the one I want to make for my Aunt. You see, my Mum's sister is turning 75 in September and I'm going up to Cairns for her party and to spend some time with my sister. Yay....I can't wait!!

After work today I spent about three hours in the yard doing some weeding. That made a small dent in the overgrown mess. More weeding and yard work tomorrow if the rain holds off.

Hopefully I'll get my blogging mojo back soon and I'll post on a more regular basis.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend.




HAZEL said...

I heard you!

Lisa said...

Thanks for sticking around Hazel!!

Linn said...

Still here, looking forward to some more posts!

Sue said...

Yep, I'm still here. Great that you are sewing, your tester is looking great.

Rose said...

It's great to see you blogging and sewing Lisa.

Sue xx said...

he he Lisa...I'm still here too...can't wait for pics of Cairns!
Love from Sue

Lisa said...

Thanks for sticking around guys. It's great to know that you're still there and interested in my ramblings :)

Anonymous said...

Life gets busy sometimes and blogging takes a back seat. It happens. I am happy to see your post.