Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas has landed at my place

We don't usually have a tree or really celebrate Christmas. When it comes to Christmas Tony is scrooge in disguise. Nothing would please him more than to have Bah Humbug in lights across our house and have a display of Santa being stuffed head first down a chimney. Do you get the picture. He likes the gifts, the festivities i.e. food and drinks just not the christian ideal.

Growing up as a Catholic, Christmas and other holy days were important to our family (Mum, me and my sister) and always observed. My Dad, well that's a different story he was an atheist and held other spiritual beliefs. After my Mum passed away Christmas was never really the same and I do struggle with this time of the year. Friends use to invite us to their Christmas breakfast every year, as we were the orphans. It was lovely, but I eventually stopped going cause it just made me more sad that I have no immediate family near by, my lives sister is 2000kms away. Anyway enough of the sob story, there are many much worse off than me.

To my surprise, this year Tony suggested I put up a tree. I think he must be feeling a bit guilty. What to do, we don't have a Christmas tree any more. It was donated to charity after sitting untouched for years. Then I remembered seeing a few blogs with fallen branches used as Christmas trees. I love Brydie's Cityhippyfarmgirl as well as Veggiegobblers Festive Fallen Branch Friday.

After a bit of searching around the backyard and the local parks I gathered enough sticks to make my tree. Tony's comment when I first started was 'Why don't you just buy one'. No no no I want to make it!!!

Here it is, my bundle of sticks. I must say I rather like it, some of the ornaments have come from swaps and some are older than me. Due to a large black dog who shall remain nameless a few decorationsBold had to be moved, he thought they looked like nice toys.

I hope you're enjoying the festive season and not feeling too overwhelmed.

Cheers Lisa


Mel said...

Your tree looks wonderful.
Best wishes to you this holiday season.

Rose said...

It looks great! Your Tony and my Tony must be twins separated at birth.

Sue said...

I love your tree Lisa. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Lisa said...

Lol Rose, it must be in the name.

Thanks lovely ladies, hope you have a wonderful Christmas too :)

Jane said...

I love your little tree - it's adorable!! We should all be free to celebrate whichever way makes us happiest.

I'm a new follower- Merry Christmas :)

Lisa said...

Hi Jane, welcome and a Merry Christmas to you.