Thursday, October 3, 2013

October - a month of challenges

In honour of spring I've decided to try and be a more regular blogger and to get some order and routine into my life. To help make this happen I'm undertaking not one but two challenges this month. Maybe a little too much at once but we'll see.

The first challenge is one I participated in two years ago, Buy Nothing New month. Back then I did a little too much op shopping, so I'll try to curb that little addiction this time round.
It's pretty simple, just buy nothing new for the month of October, except of course food and essentials. One could and should adopt this way of thinking for ever.  When you consider the amount of stuff that most of us acquire it's not a bad way of living. If you click on this Link you'll find out all about the challenge. Go on, join in, it should be fun.

The second challenge is going to require a lot more commitment and dedication on my behalf, as I've set myself a 30 Day Yoga challenge. Yep I've committed myself to practicing yoga and some meditation everyday for 30 days.  My hope is that I will continue with this regular practice after the 30 days is over.

It's day four today, so far so good, the only problem I have is three furry friends who insist on wanting to join in!

Tana the Downward Facing Dog
 Wish me luck with my challenges. My plan is to post updates to keep me on track.

Cheers till next time


Rose said...

Lisa it's lovely to see you posting. I'm just starting out with yoga so I look forward to anything you post about your 30 day yoga challenge -- when you do it, where, resources etc. :)

Lisa said...

Hello Rose, I'm so pleased to hear that you've started practicing yoga, you'll love it. No probs happy to post all sorts of info for you :)

Linda McAllister said...

Hi Lisa, just got your recipe for Pumpkin fruit cake, which I will try. Also saw you make soap, are you still doing this and are you able to sell. Please contact me on Would love to know. Thanks
Linda McAllister