Friday, October 8, 2010

New for me

As I stumble through my journey, I've encountered many new experiences, here are a few of my most recent 'firsts'.

First mulberries on our tree

First strawberry

First time pickling beetroot
Just a tad on the strong side for us, next time I'll go for a sweeter pickling mix.

First time making pineapple vinegar
It doesn't look that pretty now, more like a festering mess!

First time making Flo's pumpkin scones
Mine turned into drop scones as the dough was way too wet. Tasted great!

On the sewing front, progress is being made. I have one top cut out waiting to be sewn up and I'm in the process of drafting a pattern for a summer top. Yay back to sewing at last!

Rhonda's recipes can be found on her blog Down to Earth - pickled beetroot and pineapple vinegar

Hope you have a lovely day
Cheers Lisa


Chook said...

Mulberries....yum!I cant wait for our new Mulberry here to give us plenty of fruit.
Thanks for the beetroot link too,must check it out..:)

Rose said...

You've been busy! We would prefer a slightly sweeter pickling vinegar too but the beetroot keeps really well. I'll be interested to hear how the pineapple goes.