Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vintage loveliness

Over at the DTE forum a vintage sheet swap is underway. Ooh how I love all things retro and vintage, how could I pass up this opportunity to swap some lovely squares of vintage sheets. Of course one has to have sheets to swap. Alas I gave all our old 60's and 70's sheets away when we did our big move. So I've been making the supreme sacrifice and visiting all the local op shops, searching out vintage sheets and pillowcases. Well someones gotta do it, hey!

This is my lovely stash so far, hmm might have to visit the neighbouring suburbs and check out their op shops!

Once the squares are swapped, we will then make them into a picnic blanket.....groovy baby!


Anonymous said...

he he we've created a monster or at least unleashed a closet monster,

they are really lovely fabrics, Lisa the Detective

coffeee Sue

Rose said...

Good finds Lisa! I'm still looking.

Sue said...

they are yummy, I can't wait to swap.