Sunday, March 13, 2011

I did it - new underwear

Yep I did it alright, made my first bra and the best part is, it fits! Not the best fit but certainly comfortable and wearable.

Bra for young ladies from Ten to Teens and Casual Clothes

The bra is made from cotton and lined with a poly/cotton blend, all remnants. I also added strap adjusters and a bra fastner. Very 50's in style, shame I don't have the bust to give it the sweater girl look!

Whilst it was a challenge to make, it wasn't that difficult, you just need to pin and baste everything. I'm tempted to try another one in a cotton knit to see if it has a better fit. Actually I'm really surprised how well it came together, good one Enid!

Of course you can't have a new bra without matching or coordinating knickers, so I made a new pair of those as well.

I used a different pair of undies this time to draft the pattern from. Ideally they should have been made in cotton Lycra instead of knit. They're just a tad on the snug side. Oh well it's all a learning experience. I'm on a roll now, this week I have three more pairs of undies to make and will try a different bra pattern.

Hope you have a great day

Cheers Lisa


HAZEL said...

Wow! What an up-lifting post!

Lisa said...

LOL Hazel, up-lifting and separating at the same time!

Anonymous said...

BRAvo!! You did a great job!!

Rose said...

Good for you Lisa, what a great outcome.

Vi said...

Well done Lisa. They both look great!! :-)

Lisa said...

Thanks ladies
I wore the bra for the first time yesterday and it was super comfrotable. I be making another soon :)

veggiegobbler said...

Gasp - you made your own underwear!! Now that is impressive.