Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Michele

Today is my big sister's birthday. Sadly we don't see each other very often or even talk much on the phone these days. It's something I keep promising myself to rectify but before you know it, days have turned into weeks, then months. I guess we both have busy lives, Michele has her family and work and I have my life too. Living two thousand kilometers apart doesn't help either. Part of my gift to Michele is to keep in regular contact and to visit her more frequently.

I'm sure Michele won't appreciate having her picture plastered all over the net, so I'll share one of my favourites from when we were very young, 1968 I think. Mum made our dresses from Enid Gilchrist patterns. The dress Michele is wearing was made for my cousin's baptism, I had a matching one as well.

Michele and Lisa

Happy Birthday Shelly, I hope you've had a wonderful Lisa

Almost forgot, I'd better let her know about my blog so she can see this for herself.

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Blessings said...

Just stopping by to say Hello to you...but now I wish your sister Happy Birthday as well!