Thursday, December 30, 2010

Computer says "NO"

Well I'm back online at last. Our computer finally keeled over last Wednesday and even though we've only been offline for nine days it feels like forever.

After receiving a very generous Christmas bonus I'm now the proud owner of a laptop. This is the first real experience I've had with a laptop and I've got to say its taking a bit of getting use to. So bear with me as I learn my way around my new toy!
Firstly I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas or holiday celebration. Ours was very low key and wet. We stayed at home, watched the rain and a bit of the telly, had dinner then played a game of the new Trickster Scrabble I got Tony for Christmas..

I had hoped to do a little post before Christmas on the gifts I made for friends and family, but that wasn't to be. So I'll do a little pictorial review of what I've been up to for the past two weeks.

As you can see there was lots of cooking and even some sewing
Now after all that, its time to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Hope you have a lovely New Year celebration. I'll most probably be in bed before midnight rolls pooper hey!

See you in the New Year
Cheers Lisa

PS I'm having some spacing and editing problems, sorry if it looks a mess


Rose said...

Nice to have you back Lisa! Your baking is always so scrumptious looking. A very happy New Year to you.

Lisa said...

Thanks Rose
Hope you have a great New Year too.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!