Saturday, January 1, 2011

My poor Tana

"Ouch"......what a way to start the New Year

My poor little Tana somehow managed to injure her eye on Thursday evening. After work on Friday, we paid a little visit to see my lovely friend Wanita (she's a vet) to have her looked at. After lots of treats and cuddles the verdict is that she has swelling and inflammation in and around the eye, no abrasions (we can rule out the cats then). Her conjunctiva is very red and aggravated, possibly from her rubbing at it and her eye is weeping a bit.
She is on antibiotics, eye ointment, 3 x a day!! and Metacam for 5 days. Then she has to go back on Wednesday for a recheck. Unfortunately it isn't the first time this has happened, she had a similar injury in November, same eye. Alas I've had to resort to putting an elizabethan collar on her as she keeps rubbing her poor old eye.

Hows that for being creative. I made the collar for her when she was spayed. I just cut up an old x-ray, made loops out of gaffa tape, slide a collar through and Bob's your uncle!

Here she is being comforted by Olivia, watch those claws Livvy!

I'm at a loss as to how she keeps injuring herself. I did wonder if it happens when she plays with Chester, she gives as good as she gets but he is about 30kg heavier than her. You do hear the odd squeal from her occasionally. Actually when Chesty has had enough he just whacks her with his paw. Maybe that's the problem. Another thing could be her digging about in the backyard, the state its in at the moment, I'm not surprised she runs into things, especially at night.
What a sad and sorry little thing she is at the moment. She isn't her usual self, which tells me she is in some discomfort. Although when it's meal time, all her troubles miraculously disappear!
Poor Tans. I'm hoping that there is no permanent injury, which is not uncommon in little bug eyed dogs.
Keep your fingers crossed for a full recovery.


Rose said...

Poor Tana! Excellent work on the collar Lisa, you could hire them out to pet owners. :) If it's not the other animals, have you checked on Tana's level to make sure a spike of some sort (not necessarily sharp) isn't sticking out somewhere? Even a plant flower? Good luck, I know how worrying it is.

Lisa said...

Oh Rose our backyard is so overgrown at the moment, Tana gets lost in the long grass. All the rain and a large dose of neglect has turned it into a big mess.

However that is finally going to be fixed this afternoon...hurray!

I think I should bake a treat for the workers.

Anonymous said...

Poor little girl. I hope she heals quickly. She looks so sad wearing that collar.