Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exciting times at my place

There have been a couple of exciting things to report this week. First off the rank is our new chooks, one of them (Margot I suspect) laid her first egg on Thursday, followed by another one on Friday. Yay homegrown eggs again.......thank you girls.

Queenie on the left and Margot in front, both are Old English Game hens

The next exciting event was that I made my first pair of undies. Yes you read right, undies, panties, knickers whatever you like to call them. It's been a goal of mine to sew my own underwear and I finally did it. Actually it was rather easy and I don't know why I put it off for so long. Interestingly I rediscovered a lingerie pattern I purchased in the 80's. It would appear I've been carrying this desire to make my own smalls for a very long time.

Why do I want to make my own undies? I simply refuse to purchase cheap imported junk from sweat shops in China or Asia. Cost is also a factor. I've seen some beautiful fair trade undergarments and clothes on the net, and as much as I'd love to support these people it's just too expensive for me. Plus I love to sew and this gives me a good excuse. No undies......I'd better make some!

1st pair made with leftover cotton lycra. I traced the pattern from a favourite pair and they fit perfectly!

2nd pair, you'll need your sunnies on to look at these. Leftover t-shirt cotton

You can recycle unwanted t-shirts or use up fabric that you've had festering away in the cupboard for years. I've found a supplier of Australian organic cotton fabric, I'll look at buying some fabric from them in the future.

Underpants this week, next week I'll tackle bras!! That should be interesting.

If you'd like to have a go making your own or are interested in ethical and fairtrade underwear and clothing have a look at isismade

Hope you have a lovely weekend

Cheers Lisa


Sonya said...

Congratulations - making your own undies - now that self-sufficiency!

Rose said...

Oh wow! Well done Lisa. That is such a good plan, undies raise all sorts of issues with source and this is the perfect solution. I would love to do this but my sewing needs a lot more development yet.

Enjoy your eggs. Poached eggs are incomparable from your own chooks -- no need for fancy techniques.

Debbie said...

I have thought of making my own too as even the ones from China are not cheap and don't last very long. Might have to try!

Lisa said...

Thanks Sonya, now I just need to work on some other areas in my life.

Rose, with some practice and easy to follow instructions you too could be making your own :)

Hi Debbie, I'd say give it a go.

Maybe I'll do a little tutorial on how I make mine.

Anonymous said...

Eggs and undies - very exciting stuff!!

Lisa said...

LOL Mel....yes I'm easily entertained!

dixiebelle said...

Too clever!

alecat said...

Hi Lisa,
Just dropping by from DTE.

Great job on making your own smalls. I've been wondering if I should have a go at this, and you've made it look so easy!! :)

Catherine (Melbourne)

Lisa said...

Hi Catherine,
Thanks for dropping by.

I found it really easy to make the undies. If you are confiden and have basic sewing skills it will be a breeze