Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The pantry challenge

Last August (wow was it really that long ago) Rhonda threw down a challenge to all readers of her blog and the Down to Earth Forum, to clean out their pantry. I decided to accept the mission and managed to clean out my spice cupboard, the pantry however was a task that I just kept putting off. Recently a few bugs surfaced and the state of the pantry was driving me nuts, so yesterday was the day I finally got my act together and did the big clean out.

Spice cupboard before
Pantry before - what a disgrace, no wonder I couldn't find any thing

There were some interesting finds, two packets and half a jar of rock salt. Who needs that much rock salt? Tony found four bottles of red wine he'd forgotten about. A few old tins, some out of date packets of food and the contents of about twelve jars were thrown out. Very wasteful I know but it really wasn't salvageable.

Now for the great unvailing, it's a bit like a makeover!

Clean and tidy spice cupboard
I did this in August last year and I'm please to say that the cupboard still looks the same.
Lovely tidy pantry - I can now see what's in there and no more bugs!

The bottom two shelves are a temporary stockpile area

Thank goodness it's done and I do find myself just opening the doors and smiling at how lovely it looks. Ahh....the simple things give us such pleasure!

How often do you clean out your pantry, every month, six monthly, yearly or whenever the moods takes you?

This is Rhonda's original Pantry Challenge

Hope you have a lovely day



Rose said...

A job well done Lisa!

I do that when I've finished a job I've been putting off -- go back and smile.

I probably do the pantry twice a year.

Creative zone said...

like your blog..:)