Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Buy Nothing New Month - final update

This is the first year I've participated, as I rarely buy new things that part was easy. The challenge I set for myself was to buy nothing unnecessary for the month, this is where I came a little unstuck. As I mentioned in my previous post I needed supplies for the garden, all for food production, so extra compost, potting mix and mulch was purchased. Oh and a few seedlings, all grown from saved seeds or cuttings. I felt justified that this was OK, I wasn't buying cheap imported unnecessary stuff, that would either fall apart after wearing a few times, be out of fashion next season or break. Did I bend the rules?

Buying nothing unnecessary was a little more difficult, I tried my best but fell down in the final weeks. Blame it on a funky looking garage sale on the way to the organic markets. Normally I don't bother with garage sales however this one had so much wonderful looking stuff we couldn't resist. Then there was the quick stop at the local Lifeline shop on the way home, again I couldn't help myself. Actually I did restrain myself, there were heaps of things that I liked but didn't purchase.

Anyway this is my little stash for the month, some unnecessary but all secondhand.

I can hear you already, not more sewing patterns and vintage sheets

Two genuine vintage shirts

I didn't take photos of the never used expanding bamboo trellis or the three brand new fowlers preserving jars.

Tony and I are on a savings mission at the moment, he's given up junk food for a month (I know, one of my pet hates) and I'm really trying to not spend at all. I'll definitely be joining in Buy Nothing New Month next year, actually I'll just keep going in the same vein till then.

Hope you have a great day

Cheers Lisa


Debbie said...

I actually had that handkerchief top pattern back in the 70s (well I think it was the 70s) I made a few of them too.

Rose said...

I think you have done well Lisa! Yesterday I bought a magazine and _really_ noticed that I did so.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job!!

Lisa said...

Debbie, I often find second hand copies of sewing patterns that my Mum had for us. I've got some fabric picked out for the handkerchief top, will post a pic when it's made.

Thanks Rose and Mel for your encouragement. Rose I'll be looking for that magazine you mentioned.

Lydia La La said...

me too.. made that top in 1975 to go to Brissie to Neil Diamond's Concert in Festival Hall.. God, I looked gorgeous!!!!