Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Under attack

Just when I thought all was going well in my tomato patch.

Yesterday I discovered that my Rouge De Marmande tomatoes are being devoured by some caterpillar beasties.....argh!! Initially I was a little worried about the plant as I think it has some type of disease (black spot, wilt?). We had a busy day on Sunday and I didn't get out to the vegetable patch for my usual daily check. Monday morning came around and I was out there watering and checking when I came across this.

Anyway after a bit of a chat with google, I sprayed all the tomato plants with garlic and chili spray and today I'll get some Dipel and try that.

This year I have eight tomato plants growing, two of which I purchased as seedlings. The Tommy Toe is at least 2.5m tall and still growing, fruiting like crazy. The second one purchased is a Pot Prize, such a sturdy little plant. The rest are all volunteer tomatoes, the Rouge De Marmande from last year. I wont be growing it again as I think it is best suited to cooler climates. A Roma tomato and two mini pear shaped tomatoes, I know they are from a Diggers plant from last year plus a mystery tomato.

Summer is really upon us now so I don't know how my tomatoes will fare with the heat. I'm thinking I might invest in some type of shade netting to put over the garden beds. It's so disheartening seeing all the plants wilting away from the heat.

On a positive note, check out my tropical apples, this year is it's first proper crop. On last count there are about thirty apples on the tree. Whilst they look lovely, taste wise they are a bit on the tart side and appear to have been stung by some type of insect. I'll have to look into a suitable type of organic spray, any suggestions?

How is your garden growing?

Cheers Lisa


Anonymous said...

Wow apples in Brisbane how? Please tell.

Lisa said...

The apple is a tropical variety, either Anna or Golden Dorset. Silly me I think I threw away the plant tag. We purchased it at the Brisbane Organic Growers Open Day a few years ago from Forbidden Fruits Nursery but I have seen them at other places or you could try Northey Street City Farm.

I just gave it a good feed with pelleted Organic Extra in winter, a good layer of mulch and weekly watering with fish emlusion and seaweed for 6 weeks (as per Annette McFarlen's advice) and away it went. Mind you I should have given it a spray with something as all the fruit have been stung. Still they taste good.