Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Not much happened here today. Our usual trip to the local market for fruit and veg. Then a quick stop at another market on the way home, in search of organic eggs. No eggs to be found, however the organic grain man was there so I got 5kg of lovely organic flour for bread making, much cheaper than the shop.

The markets are held every Sunday in the historical village of Old Petrie Town. They have a working blacksmith on site, fire brigade museum, working steam engines, pottery studio, wood fired bakery, lolly shop, craft stalls, books and records, plants, jams, fruit and veg, antiques and bric a brac.

When we first started going to this market the lolly shop made everything on site. They had candy stretching demos several times a day. A few years ago the ladies retired and everything changed.

Today we decided to have a wander around the grounds and look in at the community garden. It looks great, lovely and green, everything growing in a rambling sort of fashion.

A very large Moreton Bay Fig - that's Tony standing in the base of the trunk, not sure how old it is as I forgot to look at the sign

The community garden

This raised bed is decorated with pieces of pottery and terracotta faces made I think by the artists from the pottery studio

This is my style of garden, flowing and rambling, I just love it!

Hope you had a lovely weekend

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Kimberly said...

Hi Lisa

I stumbled on your blog at Rhonda's down to earth forum. I live in Brissie too!

I've never been to Old Petrie Town, but you've inspired me to go check it out.

If you'd like to check out my blog its

Kim :)

Lisa said...

Hi Kim
Sorry for the slow reply. Its great to meet another Brissie gal following this path.

The markets are officially called North Pine Country Markets. It kicks off at 8am and finishes around 2pm. Some weeks there are heaps of stalls some weeks not so many, just pot luck I guess.

I pop over and have a look at your blog.