Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sewing...what sewing

You would think with a blog title like mine that sewing and crafts would be a prominent feature on these pages, sadly they're not.

For that past six months, gosh maybe even a year I've been experiencing sewers block or sewers constipation as I prefer to call it, everything is ready to go but nothing is happening.

Sure I've done a bit of sewing here and there, a couple of bags, two aprons, some hand sewing and mending. As for quilting or dressmaking, its a no go area.

I have a few theories for my lack of sewing enthusiasm; not enough space to lay out fabrics, sewing room too cluttered to swing a cat in, lame excuses I know.

The beautiful piece of fabric below is one of the main reasons I've stopped sewing, strange but true. Ages ago a dear friend asked me to turn this beautiful sari into a bed throw and cushion covers. Being the ever obliging friend I said sure, no problems. That was until I saw it, I thought to myself oh s**t, how am I going to cut this up without all the beading unraveling. My answer to the problem was to put it away in the cupboard and hope for a miracle, pathetic I know.

I think I've convinced myself that if I'm not working on this project then I shouldn't be doing any sewing at all. Does that make sense? Silly I know, I'm my own worst enemy. Anyway I've decided that its time to face the sewing demons, confront my fear of stuffing it up and just get started.

To help shock or shame me into action, I'm exposing my hoard of UFOs. If I can get the ball rolling with the sari then there will be no excuses with these unfinished quilts.

These just need to be quilted - angel wall hanging (was going to be a birthday present for my aunt) and three baby quilts (the baby's are too old for the quilts now)

Boarders need to be added and then quilted - queen bed size - Japanese fabrics, single bed size - Laurel Birch fabric, 9 patch pizazz wall hanging

These are still in the construction stage, applique butterfly quilt, kaleidoscope quilt and hand pieced quilt (started in 1993, first attempts at patchwork).

There are most probably a couple of others not mentioned here, I don't want to overwhelm or depress myself too much!
This is just the quilting stuff, I don't even want to think about my stash of dress fabrics or wool. Hmmm serious fabric and wool hoarder here!

Goals for this weekend - clean out sewing room and clear cutting tables.
Daily goals - try to spend one hour each day knitting and one hour of hand or machine sewing.

Watch this space for updates

Do you have many UFOs or are you a finish one project before moving on to the next sort of person? Do tell.....

Click on the photos for larger images


Wendy said...

Thanks you for stopping bye and leaving such a loverly comment... now I was here looking at this post earlier but had to go out before I could comment. Although it is a word I prefer not to use.. I am so envious of your ability to quilt. I can sew a little.. smaller than little, but your UFO's are beautiful.
Your not alone with your putting things away.. I have a quilt half knitted, a baby blanket half knitted, want me to keep going..haha
The Sari is so pretty and I look forward to seeing how it goes, good luck it would terrify me.

Anonymous said...

Now that you have listed all the UFOs you have, we can keep on you about getting them done. Good luck!!

Lisa said...

Thanks Wendy
I've been sewing since I was 5 or 6 years old. Its just practice and some natural ability I guess. Patchwork is lots of fun and not that difficult really. Quilting is the part that I slows me down.

Mel, that was my intention, I need a big kick up the rear end!

Wendy said...

Its me again, two comments on the one post :-) Please come stop by at Butterflies and Breezes,
I love your blog and think it worthy of sharing this award with.