Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The things you find whilst walking the dog

A few weeks ago whilst out walking one of my mutts, I stumbled upon a branch from a geranium. It was just sitting there on the ground, no other geraniums around, a single twig. Oh goodie I thought to myself, as I'd been wanting to buy some geraniums. I took the lone stick home and forgot about it for a few days, finally I got round to taking some cuttings from it and planted them in some little pots. Over the next few days I noticed that each day a different cutting had been pulled out of it's pot. My little dog I think was the culprit. The pots were moved and given a drink and then forgotten about again for a few days.

Look at what I found yesterday when I finally checked on them. We've grown and even bloomed! Must have been that rough handling that spurred them along.

The one at the bottom has a tiny wee leaf just starting to grow.

Whenever I think of taking cuttings from plants I'm reminded of my Nana, she was an avid gardener. Nana often came home after visiting friends or a day at the races, with a bunch of cuttings or 'slips' as she called them. Nana had a super green thumb.


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Geraniums are great, they positively thrive on neglect and they rewrd you with such lovely flowers.

Tammy James said...

I remember evening walks with Nan and Mum when we lived up in Northern NSW they would take cutting's from neighbour hood gardens as they walked. You have a great find there Lisa.