Friday, November 19, 2010

Aprons everywhere

There's been lots of talk in the last week over at Rhonda's and on the Down to Earth forum about aprons. I looove my aprons! In fact I've been an apron wearer and lover all my life.

My first pinnie and cooking set, seems like my parents were eager to introduce the joys of cooking at an early age, my first birthday!

Apart from my last two jobs every other job I've had involved wearing an apron; waitress, housemaid, cooking, you get the picture. My very first job when I was 18 saw me making aprons for a couple of drag queens to sell in their shop. Lots of lurex, sheers, glitter and velvet, very glam! Alas that job never really took off in a big way.

My Mum was not an apron wearer, she disliked cooking so I'm not surprised that she didn't wear an apron. My Dad on the other hand being a pastry cook always wore an apron. My Nana use to make aprons to sell, lots of lovely crocheted ladies and smocking. We had our little versions of these to, unfortunately I never kept any :(

These are my current aprons

I love this apron, made from a vintage 1940's pattern. Must be time for a new one in some modern retro fabric!

This groovy number was made from a 1970's pattern. I think Mum used it for our home ec aprons.

A lovely vintage half apron I found in the local St Vinnies for $4.00!

I even have books dedicated to aprons - vintage Enid Gilchrist

How cool, so many styles to make

I'm rather excited about the apron and recipe swap that will take place next year on Rhonda's blog. Can't wait!

Hope you have a lovely day


Rose said...

What great aprons Lisa! You've hardly changed from the little blond cutie at the top. :)

Anonymous said...

Your aprons are great. I love mine.

Debbie said...

I love the first apron, very pretty

Grandmaibb said...

Oh Lisa, the first apron is gorgeous. Wearing that one I would feel like the Queen. LOL

Lisa said...

Thanks ladies.

Hi Pippa, I wonder if the Queen ever pops on a pinnie, I'd love to see that!