Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Butt Head

My lovely Chester turned 10 yesterday

Look at that face, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth...........yeah right!

Apart from his kleptomania and snoring he is an absolute delight.

Since Utah's death, Chester has changed a little. He is a bigger sook than before, if that's possible and now seeks attention and pats. Utah was king of the attention seekers, always nudging you for a pat or cuddle. Even whilst out walking, he would happily walk alongside someone and nudge their hand (naughty boy). Whilst Chester loves a scratch on the base of his tail and a tummy rub, he never looks completely happy when strangers want to pat him.

His favourite spot behind the chair, usually he has his rear end under the china cabinet and often gets stuck there!

In a previous life Chester was a stud dog, being trained in non slip retrieval. He then had a short lived career as a stud dog for a guide dog school, that's where I acquired him. I was working in the breeding department at the time and he came to live with me.

Whats a dog gotta do to eat in peace, damn chooks!

Now he spends his days taking it easy, being Tana's cushion

Happy birthday Chesty, don't worry I haven't forgotten your new toy.

Hope you have a lovely weekend


Rose said...

Chester you are a beautiful boy. (Spoken by a person who is very experienced with beautiful boys.)

Hazel said...

Don't we become attached! I love the last photo with Tana on his back.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Chester. You are the sweetest thing. I love the picture of you hiding your head. Are you camera shy?

Chook said...

Awww,Chester you have such a lovely,sweet face..Happy Belated Bday to you..xx

Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Aww love that last photo :D ♥

Anonymous said...

Stop by Mel's Backyard and collect your "One Lovely Blog" award