Saturday, November 6, 2010

Death of a blender

I killed it!

Of all the silly/stupid things I have done, and there have been a few, this one takes the cake. Last Sunday morning I was busy in the kitchen making a smoothie, my mind was off in la la land. When all of a sudden I noticed that milk was pouring out of the bottom of the blender jug. Then I realise something was the blade and seal attachment!!!

Mind you I had just taken the blender out of the dish rack and put parts of it together, obviously not the most important bits.

Golden crush - Pineapple, mango, banana and red paw paw

Good grief Charlie Brown how stupid can a person be!

Anyway our neighbours own an appliance repair business and they had a look at my poor blender. The the verdict is.....DEAD. Apparently this type of mishap occurs rather frequently. I guess that's suppose to make me feel less foolish.

Green dragon - pineapple, banana, baby spinach and 'super greens'

What annoys me the most is that the blender is not very old and it wasn't exactly cheap. I did wonder if it could converted into a hand cranked model. That would be cool. Tony tells me it could be done but you would need a universal joint, whatever that is and a degree of ability to do the conversion. I don't think we fall into that category.

Oh well no more yummy smoothies or nut milk for a while :(

Hope you have a lovely weekend


Chook said...

Oh bugger Lisa,she sure does look like a good blender too.Maybe you could find a good,clean secondhand one from somewhere?I love the look of that Golden Crush smoothie too..:)

Rose said...

Damn it!

Anonymous said...


Sue said...

RIP dear blender.

Lisa said...

Damn it alright! I think a few other colourful words passed my lips....