Friday, November 26, 2010

Old skills revisited

Is it a bad thing to want to PUNCH the stupid computer? Ours is working at slower than a snails pace at the moment (sorry for offending any snails) and it's driving me NUTS!!

OK rant over, back to my original post.

Several years ago I completed a few woodworking courses at the local high school via adult education. I'd been wanting to do these for years, so finally took the plunge. The first course was furniture restoration and french polishing and the second was basic woodwork. I really enjoyed both courses, started a few projects afterwards and then like most things in my life moved on to something else, quilting I think!

My Nana's old sewing chair

The restored chair, beautiful tiger maple

The plant stand I made using Tasmanian oak. It looks a bit red in the photo, its actually a light teak colour and french polished

Anyhow..... a few weeks ago I asked Tony to make me some timber soap moulds, I had some ideas of what I wanted, found a tutorial, materials were purchased and then I waited. After a few weekends of nothing much happening, I decided to tackle the task myself. Finally putting my woodworking skills into practice. Thank goodness I remembered some of what we were taught. Actually I always loved helping my Dad build things, I guess some of that must have rubbed off.

So here it is, soap mould number one, complete with cutting guide (that needs tweaking) and removable ends. All made by me with my trusty jigsaw and power drill.

I'm proud to say I made it with very little input from Tony, except some advice on drill bits and screws. Not bad for a first attempt and I know where I need to make some changes in the next ones, they're cut out waiting to be assembled.

Filled with my latest batch of soap - almond and honey

I'm feeling all inspired again, maybe a little more woodworking or furniture restoration is on the horizon.

Hope you have a lovely weekend


Anonymous said...

Your soap mold looks fantastic!! I love what you did with the chair. Great work!!

Rose said...

Lisa both look great, I particularly like your Nana's old chair. Mum has a chair that looks similar but it doesn't have the drawer.

re the computer: if you are sure it's virus free, try defragmenting the hard disk.

Hazel said...

I love a woman with power tools! Why should men have all the fun? Well done!

Debbie said...

Lisa you are very talented being able to do the wordwork yourself. I need some more soap mould too :0)

Chook said...

Wow,clever you on being able to make lovely things like that!I do love how you restored that chair...Beautiful!