Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family fun

Oh I feel terrible, I've really been neglecting my blog these past few weeks. My boss has been on holidays so I've had to cover two extra shifts a week, not leaving much time to spare.

To keep things ticking over till I have more time next week and to give you a bit of a giggle, I decided to post one of my favourite family photos. This would be circa 1974 judging by my lovely hairstyle. The photo was taken for an article in our local newspaper, advertising the yoga class that my family attended. Thankfully the photo didn't make the paper, my sister and I would have died from embarrassment!

As you can see we didn't do the normal run of the mill family activities.

My sister, Dad and Me

The family that contorts together...............?


Rose said...

My goodness don't you look like your Dad!

Lisa said...

Ah yes I've heard that one before, even in baby photos I looked like Dad.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not your run of the mill family activity.