Monday, August 9, 2010

My garden

I don't often mention my garden, really there isn't much to talk about, apart from neglect.

My potted herbs all need re-potting but are doing ok, except for the sage that is under constant attack from grasshoppers. The mandarin tree gave us a lovely crop this year as did the cherry tomatoes. I even have a couple of self seeded tomatoes growing nicely.

At last I finally have something positive to report, things are happening out in the backyard. Trees have been trimmed, plans have been made, beds are under construction, a free shade house found a home in our yard and the best news of all, my chickadees have finally arrived....hurray!

We picked up our little feathered friends late this afternoon. Five eight week old girls, two Light Sussex, two Double Laced Barnevelder and one New Hampshire. I'll post some photos tomorrow, its so exciting!

Cheers for now


Rose said...

Lucky you having girls. That tree, the mandarin? looks great. Try using mandarins instead of orange in an orange cake recipe, it gives an unusual flavour.

Lisa said...

Thanks for that tip Rose, I might have to give your orange cake recipe a whirl.