Friday, April 15, 2011

Water kefir part 2

Following on from my last post, my adventure into water kefir has been going well. It's really easy to make and doesn't take much time or effort. Just mix the ingredients, put it in a jar for 2 days, strain the liquid, remove the fruit, bottle it and it's done. It has a slightly fermented flavour, with a strong hint of ginger and lemon. So far mine hasn't been fizzy after bottling, maybe my second batch will be.

Second batch made up the night before, see the bubbles on the surface

Morning of day 2, lots of bubbles

I'll admit I was a little concerned that the jar might explode with all that carbon dioxide action happening inside. Whilst at work I had the jar sitting in a plastic box covered with a tea towel, just in case it decided to blow. Thankfully all was in tack when I got home. Actually I opened the jar that evening and gave it a stir which released some of the built up gas.

After bottling - 2nd batch on the left, I used rapadura sugar in the first batch hence the dark colour

For the third batch I've decided to use organic sultanas instead of a fig and I left out the ginger. The kefir grains have multiplied loads so I have extra to experiment with, maybe I'll use some fruit juice or fruit puree for a different flavour. I'll keep you posted on how it all turns out.

Have a great weekend

Cheers Lisa


Debbie said...

I will have to look into kefir it sounds very interesting.

Lisa said...

Hi Debbie, it suppose to be very good for you and can help with all manner of ailments. If I ever manage to dehydrate some I'd be more than happy to send you some grains to get you started.