Sunday, April 10, 2011

Water kefir

Have you tried it or made some yourself?

Yesterday a lovely lady who lives around the corner from me, ask Tony if I would like some of her excess kefir grains. Obviously Tony had no idea what she was talking about. I got the inquiry via a phone call and jumped at the chance, even though I didn't know if it was water or milk kefir. Once home I found my jar of grains waiting in the fridge. There was also five pages of information and instruction on how to make water kefir......yay, cause that's what I was hoping it was.

It's a bit hard to see but the grains are sitting at the bottom of the jar

I did a little net surfing and as usual there are about 50 million (ok, slight exaggeration) different versions of making water kefir. Very confusing I must say. I've heard so many good things about kefir being full of probiotics and other healthy things, so I'm eager to try it. You can even make it into a type of ginger beer or flavour it with fruit juice etc.......hmmm.

My first batch of basic water kefir - it should be ready to bottle in 24 to 48 hours.

If you'd like more information about kefir, Julie from Towards Sustainability recently did a post on water kefir and there is Dom's kefir. His site has loads of information on there, so thought it was good to share.

When I checked the culture this morning there are little bubbles around the lemon, so it looks like it's working. I'll keep you posted.

Have a lovely day

Cheers Lisa


Rose said...

I haven't attempted kefir, all I know about it other than the word and that involves fermentation. I'll be watching this with interest!

nellymary said...

I'll be watching too...another culture growing in my house couldn't hurt.......I am now drinking the vinegars I have made...the Kefir sounds very interesting though....will definitely be watching to learn more.

Lisa said...

Hi Narelle, when I get round to dehydrating some of the grains, I'll send you some to try.