Friday, January 28, 2011

On my mind......

For the past few month and weeks I've been thinking a lot about reacquainting myself with drafting and pattern making. I've done a bit in the past, I even did a night course on drafting. Now I'm seriously thinking of doing a distance education course on the Garment Pattern Making and Design. I really struggle with finding sewing patterns that fit me, so making my own seems to be the best idea.

My aim for the past two years has been to either buy secondhand or make all my own clothes. Alas I've not done much in the sewing department, on the flip side I've not purchased much either.

Hmmm lots to think about.

Thanks to Rhonda for this great idea. Check out what other have On their mind

Have a great weekend


Maria said...

I had to smile when I read your post Lisa! I too want to get back into sewing my own clothes as I absolutely loathe shopping for clothes especially getting soething to fit and look flattering! I too have stopped buying (even for a nephew's wedding) but haven't made anything. I have enough fabric to 'sink a ship' and patterns which i buy cheaply from the US. I've set myself a task, I have to make a shell top before I go away on March 5!!!
Good luck with your drafting and sewing Lisa!

Becky said...

I can sew up a storm but have never drawn up my own patterns. Perhaps that can be something for me to add to my skills. Good luck with it and the course sound interesting.

Buttons said...

Hello My daughter is a pattern maker there is nothing better than to wear your own clothes. Good Luck. B

rhonda jean said...

Lisa, that's a wonderful skill to have. I hope you go for it.

Rose said...

What a great idea Lisa! Maybe personalised patterns on ebay one day?

Hana - Marmota said...

Yes, it's great to be able to make your own patterns. I swapped Japanese pattern magazines some time ago - those are actually pattern-making magazines and it really helped me... Although, if you can get a course with an instructor, that's definitely much better - I'm a bit weird in being able to decipher the patterns without previous experience. :D

Mary said...

You can do it! I have a friend who said her mother was a seamstress and she used old newspapers to cut out patterns. I can barely sew but I hope to learn more.

Cathy said...

Hello Lisa
Knitting patterns I can just about do anything with and to - but put me near anything to do with sewing other than pretty embroidery and I'm not a happy camper lol Congratulations on giving it a go:))
Take care

Vi said...

That would be a great course to do. Would love to learn that myself.

Anonymous said...

I have come across your blog and took interest in your post regarding pattern making. Can you tell where you are thinking of doing this via distance education. I am looking at the same type of course

Lisa said...

The course I hope to do is called Garment Pattern Making and Design. It is a non- accredited short course through Brisbane North Institute of TAFE.
Their web address is
131 248
Cheers Lisa