Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tana update

A few weeks ago I posted about my little munchkin Tana and her eye problem, well the news is not good. On Thursday she had an appointment with the ophthalmologist (yes they have eye doctors for for animals, dentists as well), she confirmed that Tana has Primary Lens Luxation. Unfortunately this is a bilateral genetic condition so her other eye will become affected at some stage. If left untreated she will develop glaucoma which would lead to blindness.

She is now on two types of eye drops twice a day, one to restrict her pupil so the lens won't luxate again, the second to reduce the pressure in her other eye, as it is elevated. Tana is being such a good girl when it comes to putting in the drops, of course a few treats never go astray.

We go back in a month for a recheck. The specialist told me that she has another Tenterfield Terrier with the same condition, that has being managed for the last three years with eye drops. The only vision loss for some dogs on this course of treatment is at dusk and at night.

Apparently lens luxation is a common condition in Tenterfields, Jack Russels, Mini Foxies, Miniature Bull Terriers and Australian Cattle Dogs, with onset starting around four to five years of age. Thankfully they can now DNA test for the condition. I obviously didn't do enough research on all potential health problems when selecting the breed. Having said that I wouldn't swap her for the world.

Poor little Tans she's only four years old. Also I forgot her birthday earlier in the month...I think a new squeaky toy is in order.


Sue, Joe and Michael Webber said...

Aww poor girl, she looks pretty content in that photo though :D I've not heard of the condition, we have a foxie so at least I am now so can be aware if need be.

Rose said...

Poor Tana. I've had (diagonosed) glaucoma for ten years, one eye has had an op and the other has seven drops a day. Field tests show some deterioration in eyesight on the periphery but most of the time it doesn't worry me. I do know that thing about dusk, it takes a few moments more than most for my eyes to adjust when stepping between light and dark.

I know people and animals are different but I hope this encourages you Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Poor sweet Tana. She looks like an angel. I hope the drops work for her. I can't imagine having to give my dogs eye drops. I am pretty sure they would go nuts.

Lisa said...

Sue, lets hope you won't need this info in the future :)

Thanks Rose, it is encouraging to hear your experience. I'm hoping she won't need surgery for a long time. It's amazing how well dogs adjust to vision loss. So much better that we humans.

Ah Mel, don't let looks deceive you. She can be the devil at times.

My old Border Collie Rosie would try and take your arm off if you ever needed to give her a tablet. Eye drops and ear cleaning were not such a problem, as long you were three steps ahead of her in your plan to administer the medication.