Friday, January 21, 2011

New soaps

I've been busy the last few weeks trying some new soap combinations. Nearly all of my last batch of goats milk soap was given as gifts at Christmas. Replenishing that was my first priority, as I now have friends wanting to buy my soap.

Two different types of goats milk soap

Next was my first batch of dog soap. I can't wait to try it on the dogs, although I'm sure they won't share my enthusiasm. It contains Neem oil and some flea repelling essential oils. Whilst Neem oil isn't the best smelling thing around, it's great for the skin and the fleas don't like it either.

Dog Soap

Lastly I made some more laundry soap. I make this to use as the base of my homemade washing powder. It contains eucalyptus oil for stain removal and lemongrass essential oil for a nice smell. I tend to change the essential oil I use in each batch for a bit of variety.

Laundry Soap

Here is my handy soap cutting guide in action on one of the wooden soap moulds I made. I tried being a cheapskate and used a paint guide as a soap cutter (black handled thingy in the photo). It cuts the soap well, however the surface is flaking off, so a stainless steel cutter will be next on my list.

I'd love to be able to make soaps with lovely swirls on top. The only thing stopping me is the layer of soda ash that always forms on the top of my soaps. Now I just cover the top with some cling film or similar. So no swirls for me :(
If any soap makers out there have any hints on preventing this, please share your tips.

I'm looking into registering as a soap maker, something you have to do here in Australia if you want to sell your soaps as a cottage industry. I have some plans swimming around in my head for a home based business to supplement my income. More about that another time.

Have a lovely weekend
Cheers Lisa


Debbie said...

You will have plenty of soap for a little while, the dogs soap sounds like it would be good to stop fleas.

Rose said...

Good for you Lisa! Ill be one of your first customers if you can decide to do mail order. I can't help with your swirls but I'm sure Sonya can.

Anonymous said...

Your soaps look great. I have never heard of using eucalyptus oil for stain removal. I am going to add some to my next batch.

Lisa said...

Hi Debbie, yes I think we should be ok soap wise for a while. Mind you I have a few more batches planned for this week. I let you know how the dog soap goes.

Rose I'd love to supply you with soap. Mail order shouldn't be a problem.
I had thought of contacting Sonya, her soaps look beautiful.

Thanks Mel, I sometimes use eucalyptus neat on really bad stains, grease etc. I'll try and find a link for you with some info.