Friday, January 7, 2011

This is on my mind

Homemade ginger beer

After two failed attempts making wild fermented ginger beer, I decided to use a small amount of activated dried yeast in the plant. Yeah.....I finally got to bottle it. Lets see how it looks after a few days.
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rhonda jean said...

I hope it works for you this time. It really is delicious. I'm starting a new one today.

Debbie said...

My whole family love homemade ginger beer :0) Glad to see you using plstic bottles as glass one are not a good idea(ask my husband,lol). Will have to make some.

Lisa said...

Thanks Rhonda, I'm looking forward to tasting it, as I love ginger beer.

LOL Debbie, my Nana's neighbours alway made ginger beer in long neck beer bottles, they always had a few explosions too.

Rose said...

You've inspired me Lisa, I have had two or three failures, I'll try what you did. Thanks!

Wendy said...

The kids and I were talking about making ginger beer again yesterday, I had trouble at one stage Lisa and like you added a wee bit of yeast to it.. worked perfectly.